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We all love soft and smooth skin, but most of us are lazy to scrub off the dead skin and unevenness from the face. Some people don’t like the gritty feeling, some don’t know the importance, some are plain lazy. Which category are you in? Well I love scrubbing my skin to reveal that soft and smooth skin within. I saw this product online and was intrigued with the natural content. I gave it a shot since it valued a lot and offered at super cheap price. Let’s discuss in length about the Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub.

Gravitale Scrub Review

Product Description

Gravitale Kookkal Topical Grape Scrub is a first of its kind scrub that exfoliates and nourishes the skin. It is rich in polyphenols, alpha hydroxyl acids and antioxidants which are unique to grapes and are extremely beneficial to the skin.
•    Gravitale Kookkal Topical Grape Scrub is made artisanally with exceptional Kookkal Topical Grade grapes from high altitude vineyards in the Nilgiris mountains of South India
•    The Kookkal Topical Grade grapes are very rich in polyphenols, alpha hydroxyl acids and antioxidants which are unique to grapes and are extremely beneficial to the skin
•    The Kookkal Scrub is a revolutionary new product to stimulate and improve skin metabolism, first of its kind
•    It is completely free of parabens and sulphates and it stimulates & improves skin metabolism and promotes overall well being
•    The scrub exfoliates, smoothens, softens & nourishes the skin and leaves it silky soft and smooth
•     Not animal tested
•    The skin is the largest organ in the human body
•    Apart from protecting the internal organs of the human body, controlling its temperature etc the skin also acts as the body’s first line of defence against exposure to excessive sunlight, pollution, and other harmful elements
•    Thus the skin has important metabolic functions to perform, in minimizing the harmful effects of such exposure
•    As we age, the efficiency with which the skin performs such functions slows down resulting not only in itself losing its youthful and healthy appearance and feel but also a slowdown in its metabolic role
•    Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub has been specially developed to arrest the decline of the skin’s optimum functioning and provide an overall improvement in our well being
•    In doing so it also more than delivers all the skin appearance & feel related benefits normally associated with other skincare products

Price: Rs. 2000 (always available on heavy discount at Purplle)
Quantity: 200 ml
Shelf Life: 2 yrs

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See it through my Eyes

I don’t use a scrub every day; I restrict it to twice a week at the max. I find it harsh on the skin otherwise. But in summers, skin gets tanned and dull easily. It was then I got this product and used it for a while. Now that its winters, I am using it again and liking it.

The Scrub comes in a transparent plastic tub packaging with a screw tight lid. The outer paper box contains all the necessary details. It also comes with a paper note with other such details about the brand and its origin. I find the packaging boring, they have priced it for Rs. 2000 so they could have worked out the pack a bit, don’t you think?
The scrub is a brown gooey and sticky kinda gel. It has grape grits, peels and seeds which help in the scrubbing process. It feels a bit gross on the first use and application the face. It has a beautiful natural tamarind grape aroma. I love such natural fragrances. The base texture is jelly ketchup like, if that explains it well.

How I use it

I wet my face and scrape out the required quantity for face and neck. I massage the product in circular motions clockwise and anti clock wise and continue this for at least 5 mins. I keep adding water as and when it dries up bit. This aids a good massage.


This scrub is so gentle on the face and you will have no clue, how gently it cleans the dead skin, white heads from the skin. The gooey gel had that potential I had no idea. I thought it always needs gritty particles to be rubbed on the skin surface for bringing out the inner smooth skin. The grape tit-bits rub on the skin and scrub the face effectively. 

Gravitale Grape Scrub

Gravitale Grape Scrub Swatches

What I like about Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub

  • Huge quantity
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Very gentle on the skin
  • Effectively scrubs the dead skin
  • Soothing tamarind grape fragrance, too edible
  • Can be also used as a body scrub
  • Suitable for all skins, including sensitive
  • Smooth and gentle on the skin

What I don’t like about Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub

  • Tub Packaging is unhygienic and messy
  • Boring packaging
  • Dries the skin a bit even in summers
  • Too pricey if bought without discount

Recommendation: Yes, if on discount
NoM Report Card: 4/5

Final Verdict

The Gravitale Scrub doesn’t fell like a scrub and is very gentle on the skin. it is made out of natural ingredients and is visible when applied. The skin is softer, smoother and glowing after use. Since it is so  smooth and san gritty scrub particles, sensitive skin will be at ease. Recommended.

Have you used this scrub yet? Which is favorite everyday scrub?

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