Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon Smokin Hot : Review, Swatches, FOTD, Price in India

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How are we doing today? It’s the valentine week and as planned I want to share my valentine’s favorites with you all this week. What’s the first thing that we think of when we hear 14th Feb? MAKEUP. It’s a unanimous answer for beauty lovers only after their beloved love interests. For me Valentine ’s Day is all about bling, shimmer, reds and pinks. All mushy gifts, movie dates, dinner dates and sweet little things that we girls expect our guy to do for us. Lets start with the best thing -  a RED Lipstick. Excited? I want to discuss about my new found love in which I have found in the Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayons. I have the shade Smokin Hot.

Product Description

A collection of lip crayons featuring timeless matte and starry matte shades with superior color pigment & hydration.

From beautiful nudes to striking reds to shades of pinks and corals there’s a shade for everyone. Dresses up lips in statement shades in matte/starry matte finish with rich, color-bright pigments, while being super comfortable on lips.

Also, get a mono sharper worth Rs.125 free with the lip crayon.

Price: Rs. 799

Quantity: 2.8 gms

Shelf Life: 30 months

Shades Available in the matte range  - 

  • Irresistible Pink- Pink Coral
  • Midnight Rose – Intense Red 
  • Peach me- Peach
  • Really Rust- Burnt Orange 
  • Wrapped up- Nude
  • Smokin Hot- Orange Red

Also comes in another variant called Starry Mattes which has slight shimmer particles. Also available in 6 shades

Available online at Nykaa, Amazon

Faces Ultime Matte Lip Crayon

Matte Lip Crayon in India

Best Matte Lip Crayons India

Best Matte Lip Color India : Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon

See it through my Eyes

I was way too excited when these lip crayons launched because these looked so inviting in delicious lip smacking shades and that too in matte texture. The colors this range offers are extremely attractive and vibrant. There is a color for every girl. Oh I am not paid to say this. Lets find out why I say this.


These look like most of the lip crayons in the market just like a young woman’s favorite crayon Blum 3 The chubby sticks are color coded and a satin finish black plastic cap. The crayons are yet again non retractable. My heart bleeds when I have to sharpen this beauty. I wish I learn a makeup hack to save the waste extracted from the sharpener. Oh that reminds me, it has its own sharpener. I really appreciate that, I hate the fat pencils which can’t be sharpened with a regular sharpener and become crooked instead. 


Oh don’t ask, the texture is the main reason I am all hail for this range. It is extremely smooth and pigmented. Applying it on the lips is a breeze, it doesn’t feel draggy or tuggy. The application is a cake walk and the outcome is just brilliant. Being matte in appearance it is unusually comfortable on the lips. The finish is to fall for, easily one of the best mattes I have tried so far.

Shade & Color Pay off

This is easily my favorite orange toned red in my stash. It is so flattering on fair to medium skin tones. The shade is intense to cover my pigmented lips in one glide. Its amazing that being so soft and smooth it is equally matte on the lips. Lips don’t feel dry if they are well moisturized (when you start the makeup and later dab with a tissue, the moisture is sucked in and the matte lipsticks are no pain anymore). It transfers slightly on to cups and glasses, but the color pay off remains unchanged. The color is a unique find to me, this is the perfect shade to play with this Valentines Kiss 2

Staying Power

This stays on for the whole day even after meals. I mean as a nice flush of lightly dabbed lip color. I had first applied for a lunch date, after an entire four course meal the color remained intact. I mean come on, it also depends on the way one eats Wacko if I have a pizza/burger it will fade but not vanish.  When it comes to removal, you need an oil or a makup remover to remove it completely from the lips.

Best Matte Red Lip Color for Valentine's Day

Faces Ultime Matte Lip Crayon Smokin Hot Review and Swatches

Faces Ultime Matte Lip Crayon Smokin Hot Review and Swatches

What I like about Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon Smokin Hot

  • The color coded packaging
  • The supreme pigmentation which can cover pigmented lips
  • Has long staying power even after meals
  • The amazing shade range
  • Easily available online and at the stores
  • Extremely matte, yet not drying on the lips

What I dislike about Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon Smokin Hot

  • Expensive
  • Can highlight dry lips

Recommendation: Go get it right now Dance 4

NoM Report Card: 5/5

Final Verdict

Its one of the best lip crayons in the recent times. The color range, the finish, the variety, the extreme smooth finish, super long staying power, super matte texture. Do you need more reasons to get convinced? I will give you one more, you can get your favorite shade this valentine’s which can last you all day long,throughout the date Blush

Have you tried these beauties yet? which is your current favorite lip crayon? 

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