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Faces Ultime Pro Expert Cover Compact
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For an avid makeup lover, the base makeup is most important. If that is not perfect, entire makeup will not put up together. Some people like to go heavy, while other like it subtle. Well, today I will discuss about something in between, which is neither to sheer nor heavy. This is the Faces Ultime Pro Expert Cover Compact.

Product Description

3 in 1 formulation- Compact, Powder & Concealer in one step

Price: Rs. 749
Quantity: 9 gms
Shelf Life: 30 months

Available in 5 shades

  • Ivory
  • Natural
  • Beige
  • Sand
  • Tan

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Faces Ultime Pro Expert Cover Compact

Faces Ultime Pro Expert Cover Compact Review

Faces Ultime Pro Expert Cover Compact : 03 Biege

See it through my Eyes

Recently I have seen a lot of cake and cream style foundations.  If you ask me, I quite like the concept. I own three of them already. Will discuss on them one by one.


This product comes housed in a black glossy paper box with all the product info. The product is housed in a matte black compact case. It is solid, secure and durable and travel appropriate. It has an under side mirror which makes application easy even when travelling. The packaging is well thought and comes with a sponge of its own.  In order to use the sponge wet, the base has little openings to let the sponge dry and keep it smell free. The white sponge tends to get dirty and I have washed it a couple of times.


It has a buttery soft creamy texture all in one face makeup which claims to work as foundation, concelaer and compact. I have combination skin and it didn’t let my skin feel oily or shiny.  On application it dries up and settles on the skin as second skin. I put t over a moisturized face to avoid any dryness and blotchy appearance.  It blends very well and quick on a moist/moisturized skin when compared to a foundation. It gives a matte finish without any oiliness and feels like 2nd skin. I love the no makeup look it gives me. 

Coverage & Staying Power

It is a sheer to medium coverage face makeup; it cannot give you full coverage no matter how much you layer it. The name doesn’t fulfill the full coverage claim. It cannot stand as a concealer, as the coverage is not that satisfactory. I need a separate concealer to cover my dark circles. It stays oil free upto 5 hours after which it becomes a bit oily. If you set it with a separate powder it will be stay matte for longer.

Faces Expert Cover

Faces All in One Expert Cover

Faces Ultime Pro All in One Swatches


How I Use it

The product has marketed itself as a full cover compact and lives upto the claims just as well. If you treat this as a compact, it is not the usual powder one but a creamy compact. It can be used as a foundation, concelaer and compact. On application with dry sponge, I have noticed a lot of product wastage as the creamy texture sticks to the sponge and gives an uneven streaky finish. I like to use it wet, for easy application and even distribution all over the skin. The best way to use it is with your fingers; I dot it in portions over different parts of face and spread it downwards for evenness.  For air brushed finish it can also be used with a wet sponge on a moist face (sprayed with some face mist like this Kaya mist)

Faces Ultime Pro Expert Cover FOTD

What I like about Faces Ultime Pro Expert Cover Compact


  • Durable travel friendly packaging
  • Comes with a mirror and sponge inside the pack
  • Soft creamy texture which blends well on moisturized skin
  • Sets to a powder finish
  • Gives a natural and second skin like look
  • Doesn’t require to set with a powder
  • Best suited for daily wear
  • Great for touch ups
  • Decent staying power

What I don’t like about Faces Ultime Pro Expert Cover Compact


  • Limited shades to choose from
  • Doesn’t have SPF
  • Skin has to be moisturized mandatorily before application to avoid streaky uneven finish
  • Not suitable dry skin beauties for direct application
  • Doesn’t give full coverage as claimed

Recommendation: Yes
NoM Report Card: 3.8/5

Final Verdict

If you looking for a daily wear quick fix for base makeup, this product is a good option. The creamy smooth texture will provide sheer to medium coverage suitable for everyday. The packaging is great to carry with everyday in the makeup stash for any moment quick touch ups.

Have you used this product? Do you like cake Foundations?

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