Faces Matte Nail Enamel : Review, Swatches, Price

Faces Matte Nail Color Ibiza, Fire Stick Review Swatches Price 

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Its been ages since I discussed about any nail product on the blog. Its about time, to get it nailed Wink we girls are an ardent fan of matte lip colors. Isn’t it? So why not matte nails? Have you ever tried these? When I saw these Faces Matte Nail Colors at the counter, I knew I had to get them. I grabbed two shades at 50% off, and they didn’t have more shades. I regret buying two shades, as they look so similar on the nails.

Product Description

Faces Nail Enamel (9 ml) is a long lasting and chip resistant nail polish

  • It comes in a high shine finish formula that applies smoothly and lasts longer
  • Trendy colors brighten up your mood and keep up with the fashion mania
  • Flat brush delivers shiny smooth color for a streak free professional finish

Price: Rs. 249

Quantity: 9 ml

Shelf Life: 2 years

Available Online at Purplle

Faces Matte Nail Color

Faces Matte Nail Color Review and Price

See it through my Eyes

This matte nail trend is not that popular as I like it to be. It’s good in a way as its not that common and widespread . I like both matte lips and matte nails, as they speak class and elegance. Faces had launched these matte nail colors a while ago which I came to know only a few weeks ago. When I saw these at the recent store visit I was thrilled and picked up the shades Fire Stick and Ibiza in number 74 and 75.


These are housed in square glass nail paint bottles bigger than the usual sizes available at the market. The packaging is nothing to fancy about, it’s just a plain Jane, which you won’t realize until you pick up and read the difference.

Texture and Finish

As the name suggests, it is matte in texture. The finish is smooth only if you let the coats dry. I was in hurry and applied two coats in  jiffy and the result was bubbled ugly manicure. You need patience to let the coats dry and make an even finish. The color pay off could have been better. On applying one coat, its almost appears transparent. On applying, minimum of two coats it looks presentable. On touch the nails are super smooth and satiny which is quite addictive. However, after2 days I matte finish is disappeared and the nail paint looks glossy. The longetivity in terms of texture is poor to me, but the color stays on the nails for about 5 days with minimal chipping.

Faces Matte Nails

Matte Nail Paint Review


The shades are a bit deceiving on the nails, I had bought an orange and a coral shade according to the bottle appearance. But to the nails, they appear to be same. I had applied both the colors on the nails one after the other, for the swatches. But when I checked I thought I have done a mistake and again clicked the pictures. To my shock, they again appeared the same. What do you think?

Fire Stick (Shade No. 74)

This is an out and out orange. The shade name is so apt for it fiery color and it sure makes a bold statement.

Ibiza  (Shade No. 75)

It is a coral shade which looks more orange on the nails.


The nail color remains sort of alright for 3 days .The tip of my nails begins to chip in a few days. The staying power is not impressive. Moreover the matte texture is lost in a span of two days. The nails look semi glossy and I am not happy.

Faces Matte Nail Color - 74 Fire Stick Review and Swatches

Faces Matte Nails : Fire Stick NOTD

Faces Matte Nail Color - 75 Ibiza Review and Swatches

Faces Matte Nail Color - 75 Ibiza NOTD

What I like about Faces Matte Nail Enamel

  • The matte texture
  • The perky shades
  • The big bottle size
  • Affordable Price for a different texture

What I don’t like about Faces Matte Nail Enamel

  • Layering without drying can lead to uneven and bubbly finish
  • The staying power doesn’t impress
  • The color pay off is not up to the mark
  • The texture changes from matte to semi glossy in 2 days

Recommendation: Not really

NoM Report Card: 3/5

Final Verdict

The Faces Matte Nail colors are matte in texture and come in variety of shades. The finish is soft and satiny. The staying power and application can be tricky. You can try any one shade for the feel of matte nails.

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