Faces I Shine Eye Shadow Quartet in Purple : Review, Swatches, Price and Buy Online

Faces I Shine Quad Purple : Review, Swatches, Price, EOTD and Buy Online
Best Purple Eyeshadow

Hey Lovelies,
Since you al are aware for my growing fascination towards Eyeshadows. I have hoarded them a lot lately. Its time to show you another gem in my kitty. This one is a small and travel friendly palette from Faces. THIS IS THE Faces i-shine Quartet in the shade Purple.

Product Description

A vibrant eye shadow palette with rich, shiny shades. Go creative with Faces I Shine Quartet Eye Shadow. The high-quality formula is easily blendable, crease free and gives unifrom coverage. Enriched with Vitamin E and almond oil, it nourishes and cares as it beautifies.

Price: Rs. 649
Quantity: 4 gms
Shelf Life: 3 yrs

Available in 4 shades
Blue, Green, Pink and Purple

Available online at Nykaa, Flipkart

Faces Eye Shadow Review

Faces Purple Eyeshadow

Faces I Shine Eyeshadow : Purple

Faces Purple Eyeshadow Quad Review and Swatches

See it through my Eyes

In my last visit to the Faces store at South city mall, I was at a fix seeing some new launches. The newly packed highlighters, the stackable you can check them all here in this post. I had bought a couple of things including this pretty little thing. This has been a favorite since it is in my favorite color Purple.


This comes in round pan packaging. The four shades are embedded in horizontally in form of rectangle blocks. The middle two shades having most quantity, while the two shades at the either poles having less quantity owing the circular shape.  I hope I makes some sense here. Well, the pictured will do the needful Blum 3
The lid is transparent and slightly curved inwards with brand name printed on it. It doesn’t have any mirror. But has a well shaped sponge applicator placed right between the shade panels  is good use when travelling and carrying no brushes.


This quartet consists of 4 different shades in the color family of purple.
Top to Bottom
Shade 1 - The first shade at the top is a silver based mauve color. It is metallic finish and looks almost silver in swatches and eyes.
Shade 2- This shade is a beautiful mix of blue, purple and pink. At the first glance it looks like a mauvish pink, on a closer look you will see a blue sheen to it. This is quite a mysterious shade.
Shade 3- Here comes the actual purple shade. This is an intense out and out purple color. It has a beautiful pinkish sheen which looks simply gorgeous on the eyes. Love love love it.
Shade 4 – The last shade is more of pink than purple. To be precise it is just the right mix of purple and pink. This shade is the creamiest of them all.


These shades are all butter smooth and very creamy. They are frosty and satin finish. None of them are glitter or shimmery, they have a beautiful luster.  They almost feel like foiled shadows. The creaminess imakes it a delight to apply and color comes out very well on the eyes.


Though I use the brushes to blend, I always feel its better to use the finger tips to pick up on the lids for maximum color pay off. Which means, the colors show up better if picked with the fingers. It blends smoothly with a brush.  When used with primer they show up better ofcourse. Since these are so creamy, it always better to use them over a primer or a concealer. I also add a dash of loose powder to keep them creaseless for long.

Staying Power

They stay on for as long as six hours or so. After that they crease a bit on my eyes, owing the creamy texture.

Faces I shine Eyeshadow Quarter Purple Buy Online

 Faces I Shine Purple Eyeshadow Swatches

 Faces I Shine Eye Shadow : Shade 2

 Faces Purple Eyeshadow Swatches

 Faces I Shine Eyeshadow Review and Swatches


What I like about Faces I Shine Quartet Purple


  • Cute travel friendly packaging
  • Buttery smooth and foiled finish shadows.
  • Contains  Vitamin E
  • All hues of purple to give that edgy look.
  • Pigmentation is superb
  • Staying power is decent for upto 6 hours

What I don’t like about Faces I Shine Quartet Purple


  • Overpriced for just 4 colors
  • Mirror is missing
  • Not for matte shadow lovers
  • No crease shade, all shimmer and satin shades

Recommendation: Yes
NoM Report Card: 4/5

Final Verdict

If you are looking for purple shadows which are difficult to find, this is the right quad offering butter smooth, highly pigmented and long staying colors. They are available in other shade variants too. It’s a great choice if you don’t mind the pocket pink. Recommended!

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