Easy Ombre Lip Tutorial for Beginners

Hey Girlies,

Its Valentine week and all exciting things cooking up in the mind. Eye makeup, Date Look, that Little Black Dress, Gift ideas and what not. Today I thought of sharing my favorite thing to do these days. You an try this look for the upcoming special day on 14th Air kiss 

I am talking about the Ombre Lips which are a huge rage. Since the day Maybelline launched its lip gradaton, this idea has sunk in my head and I have been wearing this look quite often.  So what is a ombre lip, in case few of you do not know. Ombre lip is a mix of two shades on the lip which create a gradient, the shades are light and deep to bring out the ombre. So lets get started.

Tutorial : Ombre Lips

Things you need:

  • Dark Lip Color for the Outline
  • Light Lip Color to fill in
  • Concealer/Foundation
  • Blush Brush

Step by Step Ombre LipTutorial

Ombre Lips Tutorial

Step 1

To get the ombre look, we need to prep up the lips. Moisturize the lips before you start your makeup. Once you finish with all the face makeup, get on to the lips and dab the excess moisture by dabbing in with the tissue. 

Step 2

Take a concealer and dab it all over the lips and even a little outwards. This will give a smooth canvas to the lips. Now take a blush brush and blend in the base product ( concealer/compact ) on the lips and upper lip and chin area. Why blush brush? Oh I dont have the patience to work with a concealer brush and paint it all the way through Dash 1

Easy Ombre Lip Tutorial

Orange And Red Ombre Lips

Ombre Lips Tutorial

Step 3

Now taking the dark lip color outline the lips and widen the outline inwards. Now press your lips like trying to blend the lip color we usually do. This way the outline spreads a little more inwards and gives a shaded/ombre effect we are trying to create.

Step 4

Now after the outer dark color is drawn and blended inward, we take the lighter color and fill it in the lips. Remember not to spread it too outwards. Since I have thin lips, I could not play much. However, if you have enough width/room you can play with an intense ombre look.

Two Toned Lip Color

Ombre Lip Trend

Orange and Pink Ombre Lips

Thats it, we are done girls. I would like to enlist a few tips and tricks-

  • You should always moisturise the lips before starting with an ombre look.
  • Always give a base color to the lips, i.e. the foundation/concealer to give a clear canvas for the color gradient to show up well.
  • You can use different texture lippers to make it more interesting.
  • Mix and match colors, just expermiment. You never know, you will come with an interesting color combo which you will love.
  • Using a lipstick is not mandatory. You can use a lip liner to line the lips and also to fill in.

Let me know how you you liked the look. Have you tried it before?

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