DIY : Mobile Phone Back Cover

DIY Mobile Phone Cover
How to Make Designer Phone Cover
Customize Your Phone Cover


This post is nothing related to makeup. It is a fun DIY I did to style my boring back cover. You can do it too with this easy step by step tutorial. The best part is the things required are minimal.

Make your Own Phone Back Cover

DIY Mobile Phone Back Cover

You will need:

  • Your phone
  •  A transparent back cover meant for your phone
  • Decorative/wrapping paper
  • Scissor
  • Paper cutter
  • Scale
  • Pen

Lay the paper on a flat surface. Position the phone cover and draw an outline with a pen. You can use a scale to perfect the lines.

Design Your Phone Cover

Step by Step Tutorial : Phone Back Cover


Step 2

Cut the paper as per the pen outline. You need to perfect the edges and corner by snipping the scissor after the cut out is done.

 Step 3

This is the most crucial step. The camera in hole has to be made. I made the outline as per the lens cut out. Since my camera lens is right on the corner edge, I decided to snip off the paper from the top. See picture for reference. However, if your camera lens is at the center this step will be a lot easier.

Customize your Phone Cover

Similarly made with Glitter Paper

There you go; your very own self designed mobile phone cover is ready. You can choose any paper of your choice and spunk up your old phone and spice to life.

Let me know how you like this DIY.

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