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Ok, so I am super excited about this post. It is a Do-It-Yourself makeup storage idea which is so easy to do. Just follow the steps as I explain to make it yourself too. I have shown three different types of designs; you can follow them or make a completely different one for yourself.

DIY Easy Makeup Storage

Step by Step Makeup Storage Tutorial

For the fabric Brush holder you will need-

  • Empty Wrist Watch Container/ Pringles Container
  • Any Fabric (I am using the leftover of a blouse piece)
  • Golden Strip to match the fabric
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissor
  • Scale
  • Pen
  • Bindi (optional)


Step 1

I have taken the FastTrack Wrist Watch container. You can take any similar container even a pickle jar for that matter. Now I need to cut the fabric according to the size and shape of the container. With the help of scale and pen, I mark the exact size and cut it with the help of scissors.

Step 2

After the fabric is brought in exact shape of the cylinder case, it has to be pasted on the container outer body. Dot the fabric glue on the outer edges and inner body anywhere you desire.

Makeup Brush Holder DIY

DIY Makeup Sorage Case

Step 3

Once the glue is applied all over the fabric, put the container at one edge and start rolling it carefully. The rolling will ensure the glue is pasted well and fabric is applied well, i.e.  edge to edge.

Step 4

Check if there is any thread coming out or any irregularity which has to be smoothened. Do that with the scissor or a cutter as per convenience.

Step 5

To decorate the case better, I wrapped around a golden strip on the head and tail of the container. You need to follow step 3 and do this.

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Makeup Brush Storage made at Home

Step 5 (Optional)

This step is optional, something seemed incomplete. I wanted to paste something at the middle of the case, but then I decided to wrap a golden strip at the edges instead. Repeat step 3 with the golden strip to form a nice border on the case. Let it dry for a couple of hours.

Step 6 (Optional)

To beautify it better you can stick some bindis on the rim of the case. Also I added a diagonal strip of the same golden fabric on the body (like in step 3).

Makeup Product Storage with Pringles Can

Similarly I made two other cases with shimmer paper. On one I added some studs and on the other a gift ribbon. In the picture above you see those two cans are pringles empty cans which I bought from 7-11 in Thailand Blum 3

You can use these cases/containers to store any pencil products in your  makeup. I use it for kohls, lip liners, makeup brushes. It not only adds beauty to my vanity, but brings out my creativity and makes best use of residual resource.

So girls get going and take out your creative side. The junk in the house can be put to some real good use.


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