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Festive Nail Art


I was hell occupied and busy with the festive season here in Calcutta. I saw the gleam and delight of the celebrations after two long years. I used to plan all my yearly trips during this period to use the 4-5 day holiday at work.  Little did I realize I was missing out on the grandeur here in my home town.  Well, better late than never.  This year I didn’t plan any trip and wanted to relax at home like never before, along with some pandal hopping and socializing ofcourse.

Festive Nail Art

Colorful Festive DIY Nail Art

Coming back to business, this nail art design is one of my all time favorites. I had shared a picture about it sometime back and people seemed to like it. I wanted to do a post on it for so long, but things just didn’t fall into place. So I used this break and shot this post finally!

All you need is a few colors of nail paint. Preferably Dried ones.
I have sued White as base and green, orange, yellow, blue, pink and black. I have used both glossy and matte nail colors here.

You have seen the Matte Nails in action in THIS post.

Step by Step Nail Art Tutorial

Easy Nail Art Tutorial
Nail Art at Home


Step 1

Paint your nails with an even coat of base coat to protect the natural nail color and keep the color long lasting.

Step 2

Let the base coat dry completely. Paint the nails white as a base color.

Step 3

Now take the each color at a time and brush out as much as color you can. We want the nail polish applicator to be almost dry to give out that pattern you see on the nails.

Step 4

With very light hands and hap hazard way, start randomly touching the base color with one color at a time ( say green). Do it on all the nails. Next, take the next color , say pink. Repeat the same thing. We have to randomly try to paint the nail with that color, this will create a pattern where all the colors will show up on the white base.

Step 5

Let the nails dry completely. Paint the nails with a top coat. I skipped this step to keep the nails both matte and glossy. Since I used a mix of textures for nail colors.

DIY Nail Art at Home

Festive Nail Art

No Tools Nail Art at Home

Same Nail Art Different Version

Quick Tips

You can opt for a pale white, champagne, nude shade for base as well. Remember to choose as light color as possible to make the colors pop.

Use black color like I did, to bring out the edge in the nail art. The black color makes the other colors well defined.

Avoid using similar colors like pink and red. Either use a pink or a red.

Hope you like this nail art and try to recreate it. It’s my favorite, when I like to play with colors and don’t want to waste much time with nail art tools.

Please tag me if you recreate this nail art.


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