Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush : Review, Price and Buy Online

Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush : Review, Price and Buy Online
Best Affordable Eyeliner Brush
Best Affordable Dupe of Inglot 30T Eyeliner Brush

Hey Ladies,
Since I am playing a lot with brushes now a days, you will get to see more and more such posts. I think it will be a great break from the usual makeup discussion. Not exactly break break, but yes little more interesting for beginners and makeup junkies both. Today I will discuss about a unique brush, which is not a necessity, but quite interesting to use and a good investment for eye makeup enthusiast. By now you must know I am talking about the Colorbar Fabline  Eyeliner Brush.

Product Description

Transform into a smoldering temptress with the mysterious allure of different eyeliner styles! Create many styles from everyday to dramatic winged styles with this `fab' brush. Our unique angled tip provides exact placement of product on lash line. The soft fibers of the brush can be used to apply both wet and dry products

How to use

Pick the product, place the brush along your upper lash line and draw along the lash line to create a precise and even line
Repeat for lower lash line if needed

Price Rs. 250
Available Online at Jabong and Snapdeal

Colorbar Fabline Brush Review

Colorbar Bent Eyeliner Brush

Colorbar Eyeliner Brush

Best Affordable Bent Eyeliner Brush

See it through my Eyes

I have always fancied about the Inglot Bent Brush, its called the 30T brush. Having said that, my fancy always remained restricted to a fancy. Why, you ask? The high price tag for such a small brush. No I successfully stopped myself from indulging. The desire never dies though, as they say honest heartfelt desires are but fulfilled Laughing Enough Drama! Anyway, I got  hold of this baby out here at my recent haul.
This is single pack brush which comes housed in a plastic zip lock pouch. The use and details are all mentioned in the pouch itself.
The brush body is signature white Colorbar brush body, the brand name printed in black near the base and the barrel black. The brush hair is tightly packed with the barrel and looks like it will not lose any hair. The brush hair bunch is quite thin and precise for liner application.
The gel eyeliner if nice and moist applies with great ease. I have moistened my dead gel liner with this magic potion and dipped the brush in and applied the liner with ease. The bent head is the star of the show, it kind of bends ahead and fits to the curves of the eyes and helps easy hold and grip. The bent head makes application of liner like a breeze on both upper and lower lash line.  Creating a winged liner look with one is easy as a pie. The thin tip and unique brush head make a joint effort to give you that cat eye or winged wink Biggrin
I also use this brush to create new colored eyeliners. By that I mean, mixing inglot duraline in a powder/cake shadow and dipping  this brush in the newly formed mixture for a new liner look each time.
Cleaning this brush is super duper easy too, I dip my favorite Maybelline Makeup Remover in a tissue and give it one single wipe and it comes out squeaky clean. I have never washed this brush till now, as I don’t feel the need to. The thin brush with very limited hair strands, I am honestly scared of losing. It hasn’t shed any hair till date after using it regularly for a month now. The trick is to use just a makeup remover to keep it fresh and clean.

Quick Tips

  • I love to use it as brow filler too. The remnants gel liner works great to fl the gaps in my overgrown brows.
  • Clean it with a makeup remover and tissue for best cleaning experience.
  • A smart choice to highlight the inner and outer corner of the eye.
  • In case you make a liner mistake, dip this brush in the makeup remover and clean it in a jiffy.

Colorbar Bent Eyeliner Brush Application

Apply Gel Eyeliner with Bent Liner Brush

Colorbar Bent Eyeliner Brush Review

What I like about Colorbar Fabline  Eyeliner Brush

  • The sleek and pretty look
  • The super affordable price
  • The precise hair strand for thin and thick line as per choice
  • The easy cleaning with a tissue and makeup remover
  • The application is easy on both upper and lower lash line.
  • Winged or cat liner easy achievable
  • Works great with gel liner
  • Great to highlight the inner corner of the eye.
  • Easily available in stores and online.
  • Super affordable for the genre of brush it is.

What I don’t like about Colorbar Fabline  Eyeliner Brush

  • Might give streaky application if eye product/liner not creamy/moist enough.

Recommendation: Hell Yes
NoM Report Card: 4.8/5

Final Verdict

This brush is super affordable bent liner brush for that perfect winged and cat eye. The price is an ice breaker in this category and application and cleaning is a cake walk. Highly Recommended.

Have you used this eyeliner brush yet? Which is your all time favorite liner brush?

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