Christmas Nail Art

Santa Nail Art
Red Glitter Nail Art
New Year Nail Art


I always have loved Santa and fancied him since I was a toddler. The socks, chocolates, gifts were pure magic back then. This week I will try and do posts based on Christmas only, wait for the next two posts which will further go deep into the theme. Well, first things first let’s talk about this post for now.

Christmas Nail Art

This is a very simple to do but difficult looking nail art. Believe me when I saw this Santa on nails, I was not convinced until I grabbed the nail paint and eye liner brush to bring it to reality. Yes the eye liner applicator/brush is the star for this nail art. So lets begin and do this.

Christmas Nail Art Tutorial

Things you wil need-

  1. Lots of nail paints as shown in the picture (Nude, white, red, glitter red, green, black)
  2. Eyeliner applicator/brush
  3. Dotting tools/ match stick/toothpick
  4. Base coat and Top Coat


After doing the basic base coat thingy, w will paint each of the nails with the required base colors. Starting with the thumb, I pained it nude to be Santa’s face. Index finger white, middle finger and little finger red, while the ring finger gold.

After the base colors have dried, you can start with any nail you want. I am starting in reverse order.

Little finger- on the red base, I have drawn random white dots with the dotting tool. This depicts the snowfall during the festive season. Yes it’s that simple.

Ring finger – on top of the gold base (Lotus nail color), I added a top coat of faces golden glitter nail paint. After it dried I added a specs of gold flex to give it a full on festive look and highlight of the colorful nail art. You can use Maybelline Gold digger nails/Colorbar Glitterati range.

Step by Step Nail Art Tutorial

Nailart Tutorial
Santa Nail Art Tutorial

Middle finger- I just added a glitter red top coat over the red base color.

Index finger- With the same gold base color for the previous finger, draw a “Z” starting from the left corner to the right and vice versa. Refer the picture. Once that’s done, add random red and green dots with the tool you have toothpick/match stick/dotting tool.

Thumb- starting from the base of the nail, I painted the Santa cap with the help of liner brush and filled in red color. To add the white border used the same liner brush dipped in white polish. For the pom pom on the cap, make a dot on the right side as I did, you can adjust the size as per your nail size and liking. For drawing the beard, you can use the white polish’s brush itself. Just draw sharp and straight lines, such that they look distinct, this will give us the semicircles above the beard. When that’s done, take the liner brush and draw a semi circle above the beard for the cute little moustache and an animated look. Now, add the black dots (eyes) for bringing in life to our Santa.

Add top coat after all of them completely dry.

Christmas Nail Art

That’s it, wasn’t it simple. Let me know your views in the comments below.
P.S this is my version, I am not a pro.


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