BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave in Spray : Review, Price & Buy Online in India

BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave in Spray : Review, Price & Buy Online in India 
How to Get Voluminous Hair

Hey Ladies,

Its summers already in India and I have tonnes of reasons to be worried. Starting with the hair woes today. With the prevailing heat, hair is prone to be sticky, weigh down and oily Help Good hair days will only last for a few hours on me. I was looking for a quick solution which could fix the stickiness and voulme to the hair. i have already used the dry shampoo for that. I was looking for volume and that wow effect post hair wash. I got to see this product at the stores and I bought it. Today i will discuss about the BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave in Spray.  

Product Description

If big hair is your thing, may we introduce you to your new best friend. this volumizing spray gives you incredible fullness and bounce that lasts. Go big with confidence.

Price: Rs. 550

Qauntity: 150 ml

Shelf Life: 24 months

Available online at Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa

BBlunt Volumizing Spray

BBlunt Leave in Spray for Voluminous Hair

See it through my Eyes

I have already used a few BBlunt products in the past including thier mini shampoos, I decided to pick this up for my hair volume issues and for the special days where I want my hair to look the best. This promises to keep hair voluminous and full looking. 


BBlunt is known for its perky packaging, thier product range are beautifully shaped and color coded. This one is no exception, it comes in a transparent neon yellow plastic bottle, the shape is quite unique too. The spray nozzle is desgined quite thoughtfully with a lid lock which will secure any leakage/spilling on the go and for the usual storage. The transparent bottle lets you know when its time to buy a  new one.


As it is a spray, it is in a liquid form and oozes out smoothly on pressing the nozzle. Yet again kudos to BBlunt to desgining the nozzle head in that pit shape to ensure a better grip of the finger giving way to smooth spraying and less effort when spraying in difficult areas such as back of the head. The spray seems to be refreshingly scented water which doesnt weigh down my hair. the effect stays for about 2 days in this heat. I have used this spray here and here.

Effects and Lasting Power

To be precise, the effects last maximum two days on me in this weather, while in winters it lasts for about 4 days if I dont wash off the hair. The effects are best when freshly used. The spray also provides heat protection as per claims, this makes me realxed as I do not have to use an additional hair styling product, though I own one. 

How do I use it

I spray it on the scalp when my hair is semi dry, for about 30 minutes post wash, it has dried a bit and its the best time to spray it. I sometimes flip my hair upside down and make my way to the scalp where this needs to sprayed to add that volume. You can use it with or without the dryer, when I have no time to dry the hair naturally I use the blow dryer or else I naturally dry it. To be honest, it works better on blow dried hair. The hair loks voluminous and bouncy and I love it for just that Air kiss

BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Spray

BBlunt Hair Products

BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Spray Demo

What I like about BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave in Spray

  • The colorful and thoughtful packaging (transparent,plastic,nozzle shape and lock)
  • The Consistnecy doesnt weigh down the hair
  • Easily avaialble online and at the stores
  • Also protects from heat damage as per claims
  • No stickiness or oily appearance
  • After use, hair is voluminous and bouncy
  • Refreshing misty fragrance which is quite helpful in this hot weather

What I don't  like about BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave in Spray 

  • A bit pricey
  • Works better with blow dryer

Recomendation : Yes

NoM Report Card: 4/5

Final Verdict

This is an easy and quick way to add volume to the hair with just a spray. The hair is bouncy and vouminous post usage with zero stickinesss or oiliness. This quick solution will keeep the hair voluminous and bouncy for at least 2 days. Recommended!

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