Baking Makeup Technique : Step by Step, Do's and Don'ts

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Today I will discuss about a makeup trend in rage and my opinion on it. You must know with the post title it is about BAKING. First things first, at first it did sound scary to me. But on research I got to know the ways and means of using it and the results it gives. Read on to know to know all about Baking. 

What is Baking?

To know how to do it, we must know it. So what is it? No its not putting the face in the oven Blum 3 bad joke. This technique is used to keep the face matte and flawless after the base makeup is done. This helps to keep the makeup fresh and long lasting, avoids creasing and all good things. You must be wondering, a Primer and a setting spray also keep the makeup fresh and long lasting. How is baking different form those? The answer is, it is surely makes a difference. I have tried and tested it.

Baking Makeup Technique


Things required for Baking?

A losse powder for the face.  Please don’t use the compact powder for this process, it won’t work as good.

Step by Step Baking Makeup Technique

How to Bake the Face Step by Step ?

Step 1

Do the base makeup with foundation/bb cream. My favorite at the moment is Coloressence HD foundation and Maybelline BB cream. You can use any base of your choice.

Step 2

Apply a creamy concealer under the eyes and wherever required. The best bet is Kryolan Concealers. I don’t own any of it yet, hence I use my Fit me Concealer as it is creamy and blends so well.

Step 3

Blend the concealer well. When in hurry I use my fingers or else a makeup sponge helps. The Pac Mini Blenders do a great job.

Step 4

Apply excessive loose powder under the eyes with a brush or sponge. I prefer the powder puff or brush, not the beauty blender for this step. We will need it in the next step. Leave the powder as applied for minimum of 5 minutes and continue with the rest of the makeup.
 These 5 minutes are crucial for the powder to do the baking magic.

Step 5

After 5 to 10 minutes rub off the excess powder with a big powder brush or a clean blush brush.

How does it work?

The thick layer of setting powder makes the skin soak up any oil and moisture present in the base makeup. This enables the makeup to look matte, pore less and flawless.


Believe me girls, I have tested it on myself and wasn’t expecting much. But to my utter surprise, the technique worked like magic.

Flormar Loose Powder

Loose Powder for Baking Makeup Technique

Loose Powder for Creaseless Long Lasting Makeup

Lakme Loose Powder


 Which products you can use?

I use my Flormar loose powder at times and the good old Lakme Loose Powder.

Other Options of loose powder


  • Bharat and Doris Loose Powder
  • Faces Mineral Loose Powder
  • Ben Nye Banana Powder
  • Coloressence High Definition Loose Powder
  • Kryolan Translucent Powder
  • Laura Mercier Loose Powder
  • Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder

How I use it

Like the steps I have mentioned. I first do the base and apply concealer and blend it well. Next the most crucial step, I apply generous amount of loose powder under the eyes and around the nose. I like to set it for atleast 10  minutes. Meanwhile, I apply body lotion, do the hairstyle ( if any), apply lipstick.

After 10 minutes its time to brush of the excess powder with a clean blush brush. The skin looks clean, flawless and even toned. No creases, no pores anywhere. All neat and clean. This lasts for about 8 hours in air conditioned environment and my eye makeup doesn’t crease, looks radiant and flawless. I finish up with some blush. This also helps outdoors but not as long, as we tend to wipe our face often in the sweat and grime.

I recommend this technique to every girl especially during the summers. This will prove a boon for oily skin and dry skin girls can also benefit out of it in this hot and humid summer.

So now you can bake, well not cupcakes but the makeup  Tongue OutGet baking girls. You must try it, to know the difference. Hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know your opinion on baking.

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