5 Must Have Non-Makeup Skincare Essentials for Summers

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I don’t want to start this post with a sad song, rather a happy one. We all know how Sun God likes to show off how hot he is. But we girls know how to combat the agony, in this post I shall list a few products which are absolute essentials and delight to use during the scorching unpleasant weather. I list down some 5 odd products which I have included in my daily regime and seen my skin thank me rather than complaining. Here is my list of Must Haves for Summer Skincare Regime.

Summer Skincare Essentials - Sunscreen


Without even mentioning it, we know how important this product is. Now depending on your skin type you can choose from cream or gel based sunscreens. I recommend this Lotus Gel Sun protection which doesn’t feel sticky and also protects the skin from the unwanted damage. alternatively, for Dry skin Netrogena and Lotus has some great options.

Summer Skincare Essentials - Scrub


Since it common to get tanned in the summer, I play it smart by using a anti tan scrub rather than a usual variant. This not only scrubs my skin smooth but also removes the tan and skin looks radiant and soft. Whatever variant it can be, but its utmost important to use a scrub to get back the lively happy skin under the dead and dull layer of skin.

Summer Skincare Essentials - Face Mist

Face Mist

I have already mentioned about the Kaya skin mist, but nothing can replace the freshness of rose water. I prefer to use it in a spray form all over the face and neck after cleansing and leave it to dry on its own. This fresh feeling is beyond comparison.

Summer Skincare Essentials - Moisturizer


Now most of us think, its better to skip the moisturizer during summers. But here the biggest blunder one can do. You should never ever skip a moisturizer be it summer or winter. Though we have different forms and consistencies for different weather. Like for summer we need a light water based moisturizer use this light water based moisturizer and my favorite Neutrogena moisturizer thought-out the summers for healthy skin routine.

Summer Skincare Essentials - Face Wash


A healthy skin routine starts with a good cleanser suiting your skin needs and skin type. The most integral part remains a good face wash. Currently I am using the Vichy Normaderm daily skin cleanser which is mild on the skin for daily use. I use this face wash twice daily and it doesn’t rip off my skin of moisture. I highly recommend this for everyday use. Alternatively, Clean and Clear is an good affordable option.

What are your skincare favorites for the summer? Do let me know in the comments below.

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