Top Makeup Recommendations this Diwali

Hello Party Folks,

Today’s post is dedicated all to Diwali. It is right here and we have no time to arrange ourselves to gear up for it. Dress and shoes I leave it upto you, but I have some good makeup advice for you girls. We want our makeup to be bang on and long lasting isn’t it? So lets begin.

First things first, we need a good base and for a good base a primer is a smart choice. Pick up a primer based on your skin type. If opu have oily skin go for a gel based primer. In case you have dry skin you don’t really need a primer, use a moisturizer instead. 

Face Primer for Long Lasting Makeup

Lakme Mousse for Flawless Blending

Next up is the foundation/bb cream as per preference. Teenagers are sorted with a good bb cream, I recommend Ponds BB cream for a good coverage and blendibility. If you are into foundation, you can choose from high coverage ones from L’Oreal and Revlon. If you are happy with medium coverage Lakme Mousse is a good option. 

For any flawless look a concealer is a saviour and a boon. I recommend the Colorbar Full cover Makeup Stick or the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer. Use it under the Eyes in an inverted triangle application and blend it well till the cheeks to make it look even and your face flawless.

For setting the base flawlessly, we need a god compact powder. I love the L'Oreal Mat Magique Powder which controls oil for long making the skin look matte and fresh for long.

Next up is the eye makeup, we want that gold, silver and copper to jazz up our look. The best affordable choice is Maybelline the Nudes Palette hands down. Another great choice is Makeup Revolution Palette. The perfect blend of mattes, shimmer with beautiful neutral colors shouts out festivity. Alternatively, you can add some spunk with glitter on the eyes.

Affordable Eye Shadow Palette for Festive Look

If you are not a shadow girl, try your hands at Colored eye liners/pencils/kohls. Lakme and Maybelline has the very famous Iconic and Colossal range of colored kohls. Faces have the creamiest of kajals ever in varied festive colors. Even Oriflame and Avon has some beautiful colored pen liners. My personal favourite colored liquid liner is Duke Blue from Coloressence. The beautiful indigo blue is an instant pleaser.

For the long lasting sharp eye lining, gel eye liner is a great pick. Maybelline and Coloressence have awesome gel liners. Alternatively you can opt for something like this.

Next up is the lash sizzler, the Mascara. My all time favourite is the Falsies from Maybelline. You can choose from various options available in the market. Faces, Colorbar, L’Oreal have some great ones too.

Thick Lashes with Maybellline Falsies

Faces Blush

Highlighter for the Glow

Any festive glam look is incomplete without a blush. I love the Sleek Flamingo Blush which is a super pigmented one. For sheer and subtle glow on the cheeks try the Faces blushes which have some great options to pick from.

The most important thing to get Diwali ready is a good highlighter. I suggest using the Revlon Shimmer Brick for this. I have a Sivanna Colors shimmer brick which I absolutely loveeee. These shimmer bricks are a great choice for multi tasking the cheeks, eyes and highlighting as these are 5 colors in one palette *high five*Alternatively you can opt for Colorbar Highlighter, Makeup Revolution Palette.

The favourite part of makeup is a lipstick. Choose from the array of shades in pinks, reds, oranges, browns which ever color pleases you. Just pick that color up and smear some on that pout to make it a pouty moment in those selfies. My favourite red is YSL Red Lipstick or L'Oreal Red Lipstick ,  while my favorite bright pink pick is Inglot 421.

Red YSL Lipstick for the Festive Season

Festive Nails with Glitter Nail Paints

Makeup Remover

Add the diwali colors of happiness with bright nail colors. You have ample of choices, my personal favorite are the Glitter Mania Range from Maybelline. Diwali is all about shine and spark isn't it?

After all the and fun, it time to clean it up with a good makeup remover. I swear by the Revlon Lip and Eye Makeup Remover. It is great stuff to erase off the makeup squeky clean before cleansing the face.

 So girls get going give your best shot. Be beautiful and stay safe.

What's your pick this Diwali? Let me know in the comments below Wink

Untill I see you next time, never let anything dull your spark.

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