Top 5 Tips & Tricks to Use Tissue Paper for Makeup

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When a girl wants to dress up and look the best, she can bring the world upside down to look perfect. That winged liner, that red pout, that highlighter all has to be there, but spick and span. If I talk about me, dare anyone disturb me while getting dressed up, that person is not going to have the time of his life Blum 3 But the ideal conditions hardly prevails,  If there are distractions there are saviors too.  <<<Enter>>> Mr. Tissue in all shapes and sizes to save us girls from all that mess, getting us closer to perfection.

Today I shall list down Top 5 tips and tricks to use a tissue paper for makeup which I included in my life and found them very useful. I want to share all these tips and tricks with you today.

How to Use Tissue Paper for Makeup

Tip 1- The Matte touch

The most commonly used tissue paper use is to dab that tissueon that lipstick, to make the lip color matte and long lasting. How to go about it? After applying the lipstick, just grab a tissue and keep it between your lips and press the lips lightly. The blotting will take away the shine and make sure that lip color stays on for long. You can re-apply lipstick and blot it again just to be doubly sure you know Wink

How to Make Lipstick Last Long & Matte

Tip 2- Give me Wings

Winged eyeliner is the best makeup revolution in the recent times, no it’s not recent. We have seen our Bollywood divas rock the winged liner since the 60’s. But this trend is back in vogue and how. It’s a rage. The winged liner can be perfect with a little practice, but I wanna cheat Biggrin enter Mr. Tissue again. Just grab a tissue and fold it to give a straight line on one end. Place this at the outer corner of your eyes to give you a guideline to make that wing come alive. Now you just got to put your childhood tracing and drawing talent to some use, just draw a line following the line of the tissue. Next, you have to connect that flick to the rest of the eye liner, draw it inwards till the inner corner like you usually apply the liner. That’s it! Perfect winged liner Wink

How to Make Winged Liner with a Paper Napkin

Tip 3- Nail Paint Fix

I am a nail art lover, in case I make a goof up or mistake the tissue comes in handy. Any mistake,  zoop off with the tissue. If a cotton ball is missing, a tissue is just as good to remove that unwanted nail paint off the nail Wink

Tissue to Clean that Nail Paint Mess

Tip 4- Eye Shadow Fall out 

The powder eye shadows can sometimes be really nasty. It falls all over the place, under the eyes, over the face and everywhere else. If the eye shadow is shimmer based, then falls outs can make you look like a multi colored disco ball. To avoid all that unwanted mess, grab a tissue and there will no issue Blum 3 Oh! That rhymes. If you use one hand to put the eye shadow, you can use the other to catch the eye shadow fall outs by placing a tissue folded under the eyes till the cheeks. This keeps your base makeup untouched and clean.

No Eye Shadow Fall Out Problem with Tissue Paper

Tip 5- Overalls

When I head for a party and I am carrying the most tiny pouch or clutch with me, neither the phone fits in the nor the comb. But one thing fits happily, Mr. Tissue I carry it in case of any emergency makeup goof ups, keeping the makeup matte and fresh, erasing that messed up lipstick post dinner and what not. It comes really handy.

Tissue Paper Uses & Tricks for Makeup

So that’s about it. So get that tissue paper out for some serious beauty fix, I can bet it will be an instant best friend. Keep it in your makeup stash stored in a zip lock bag to keep it clutter free and clean. The beauty about tissue is, it can be carried everywhere, it doesn’t take much space and can fit into the tiniest of makeup bags or party clutches. The uses listed above are just top 5 I think, other than these I use it for-

  • Wiping the face dry- a Clean tissue is always better to use after cleansing, rather than the bacteria touched towel.
  • Removing Makeup- on wetting a tissue with water or makeup remover, it can be really helpful to clean that dirt and grime off the face.

Do you use the tissue paper for your makeup fix? Which is your favorite tip? Do share your tissue paper stories down in the comments box.

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