Rimmel London Whitener All White Now Nail Brightening Complex : Review, Swatch & Price

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Being a true blue nail paint and nail art freak I never leave my nails naked. I always dress them with beautiful nail colors and attractive nail arts. But, every coin has two sides. The beautiful nail colors seen above might sometimes be covered with pale yellow nails. Story of life Sad I seldom keep my nails paint free and hence I suffer from yellow nails some times. The coolest trick to keep yellow nails at bay naturally is by rubbing lemon skin on the nails Wink What if you want instant white nails? Introducing Rimmel London Nail Whitener. Lets find out whether this performed for me.

Product Description

Protects nails from discolouring, and helps make them look brighter.

Contains our instant nail brightening complex and anti-yellowing action!

Use as a base coat before applying your favourite Rimmel nail colour, or wear on its own for a natural bright nail.

Price: Rs. 265

Quantity: 12 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years

Available online at Nykaa

 Rimmel London Nail Whitener

 Rimmel London Nail Whitener Review

 Rimmel London Nail Whitener Price in India

 Rimmel London Whitener All White Now Nail Brightening Complex

 See it through my Eyes

The moment I got to know about this whitener I wanted to try it. The brand has never disappointed me in the past, hence I bought this and used it couple of times. I have used it alone as a base color and also as a base coat under subtle nail colors, to hide the imperfection of the nails. This calls itself a whitener and looks like a whitener too. Unfortunately, this is meant to even out and neutralize the yellow color of the nails, with its bluish fine shimmer particles. So first doubts cleared here, its not a nail whitener, rather it’s a neutralizer.  It balances the yellowness of the nails, but doesn’t make them white.

This is designed in a typical transparent glass round nail polish bottle. The white cap is screw secured. Thus making it travel friendly and safe to store. The brush is fairly alright I would say, had the bristles been a little wider I would have loved it.

The application is smooth and easy. The brush helps to spread the nail paint efficiently. The texture is quick drying too. Yay!

The polish is quite liquidy Blum 3 I mean free flowing. One coat is just not enough, atleast two coats is required if you want to keep the nails colorless. If you plan to use it as a base coat, one coat might serve the purpose depending on the yellow tinge on your nail. 

Wearing only this

The staying power is impressive; nails don’t chip and stay good for a week and beyond. The tips stay as it is, as if glued to the nail. The best part is it doesn’t yellow the nails, when I eat my favorite Aloo Gobhi or daal chawal with my hands. Yes relish the Indian food, Mom makes for you Acute

Wearing under a nail color

When I wear it under a color, the color shows up well, it pops out. It doesn’t change the actual color of the colored nail paint and that’s wonderful. 


Please don’t expect it to repair the yellow tinge of your nail. It only helps cover or reduce the yellowness till the time you wear this. You remove it, back to yellow nails again Biggrin

Rimmel London Nail Whitener Swatch

Rimmel London Nail Whitener NOTD

Rimmel London Nail Whitener on my Nails

What I like about Rimmel London Whitener All White Now Nail Brightening Complex

  • Yellowness is reduced with two coats.
  • Very easy to use, like any other nail paint.
  • Blue shimmer to neutralize the yellow nail.
  • Lasting power is great.
  • Can be used as a base coat too.
  • Can be worn alone.

What I don’t like about Rimmel London Whitener All White Now Nail Brightening Complex

  • It doesn’t make the nails completely white.
  • Availability can be an issue.
  • Not a great help for extreme yellow nails.

Recommendation: Yes

NoM Report Card: 3/5

Final Verdict

It nicely camouflages the yellowness of the nails. It can be used alone and also as a base coat. It is a decent product for the cause and price.

Have you sued the Rimmel Whitener? Have you ever used any Nail Whitener? Any favorites?

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