Pre-Winter Wardrobe Essentials

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Winter has arrived in full swing in some parts of the country. But in my city it’s yet to arrive, its making it way slow and steady. So today I would like to share some wardrobe essentials which you can use when the winters are setting in. When the weather is not too cold, but not summery either. 

I will enlist few wardrobe essentials for the setting fall season Drinks

The Maxi Dress

Now the love for maxi is not hidden, Maxis are here to stay for long, if not forever. I love the maxis in all forms be it dresses, skirts, capes, tops anything. So, a maxi is a great option to keep you covered and to feel cozy in this confusing weather. I highly recommend a maxi this season. I have styled a maxi dress here and here.

The Cardigan

A cardigan, preferably a light one which is available in amazing colors in the local stores is my weakness. Every winter I end up buying atleast three pieces Yahoo with other winter essentials ofcourse Wink The cardigan is a great way to cover you up with an extra layer apart from the clothes you wearing. So get going and pick up a cardigan depending on your taste and need.

Caps and Scarf : Winter Wardrobe Essentials

The Headgear

This time of the year its very easy to fall ill and be a victim to cold and fever. The major reason for this is, the exposed head and ears during the long car/auto window open drives. This winter breeze affects us badly by entering through our nose, ears, eyes. Its about time to invest in a headgear, be it a cap, a hat, beret anything. Just pick up as per your taste. 

The Scarf

Now this is my forever favorite. I scarf is so versatile and multi purpose and one of the best manmade creations. It can be twisted, curled, wrapped and wore in different ways. Don’t have a cap/hat? Make way for the most important accessory – The Scarf. Get creative and experiment with this one. I can bet you will love the different ways you come up with. i have styled a scarf here.

Style with a Cape : Fashion this Winter

The Cape

Capes are making big this season, be it summer or winter. The winter cape can add the touch of style and elegance to your wardrobe.  I love using these in summers and winters both. This one is highly recommended to give your outfit a whole new look plus help you curl up in it and feel cozy, if that makes sense ;P

The Shades

After all the necessities for the pre winters its time to protect the most important thing in our body- The eyes.  The shades come as a savior to protect the peepers from the massive sun damage during the winters. Get trendy, pick up a pair and sizzle in the winter Angel

In the pictures you can see me sporting a maxi dress, a cardigan, a scarf and shades to prep up for the winters during my holiday in Sikkim Dance 4

Winter Wardrobe Essentials : The Multipurpose Scarf

Winter Wardrobe Must Haves : Eyewear

Winter Wardrobe Essentials : The Maxi Dress

Winter Wardrobe Essentials : The Cardigan

What’s your wardrobe essential this winter? Any favorites? 

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Untill I see you next time, never let anything dull your spark.




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