Oriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liners Review, Swatches & Price in India

Hello my beautiful friends. Today I am in a mood to jazz up them “the lips” other than a lipstick what else can jazz them up? Perhaps a lip liner to give them perfect definition and depth.  Lip liner not only defines your natural lip line but also helps it from bleeding and lets it stay longer.

I have these set of three lip liners from the house of Oriflame called the Wonder Colour Lip Liners. I will be reviewing shade Perfect Pink,  Real Red and Cream Chestnut.


Oriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liners Review


Product Description:  Super-smooth glide-on lip liner with retractable, self-sharpening action. Brings precision, definition and beauty to your lips. Perfectly matches your favorite lipstick and enhances your natural lip curve. In 8 shades. 0.3 g.

Quantity: 0.3 gm
Price:  Rs 279/-


See it through my Eyes:

I have very thin lips, for which I can’t think of applying a lipstick or gloss without my savior the lip liners. I try and collect these in every possible shade, pinks, mauves, nudes, reds and corals. This range just added a a variety to my collection and I cant be happier.


These lip liners are retractable with a tight cap. The color/shade indication is all over the body, with that I mean- in the middle of the body , at the base and cap,  which serves the purpose of choosing the desired one in your stash. The body color is an intense purple blue with the name of shade, branding and other information embarked with silver. However, the look is attractive but the body isfragile, if you pull the cap a little hard to detach it from the body, it might break too. Like it happened with me.


The color pay off is decent enough. One swipe will give good color, but I layer it twice to get the true color on the lip line.


Oriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liner : Cream Chesnut


Cream Chestnut can be a tricky color on pigmented lips, as the pigmentation is light when compared to other two shades. The color is quite versatile and I pair it  with any lipstick whatsoever. If used with a very bright and bold lip color, it helps to mellow it down when applied as a base.  The nude base helps to mingle the colors well and form a mellowed down shade, which is more wearable. so here you get a tip, to make those bold lip colors a little understated.


Oriflame Wonder Colour: Perfect Pink


Perfect Pink is a light Barbie pink shade, perfect for those pink lip tints and glosses. The shade is very light for my lips, I have slight pigmented lips and it doesn’t show well on those. So I am assuming, this one is light as well, just like the Cream Chestnut.  However on a few re-applications it does show up well. The color is quite pretty to give it up you know.


Real Red is the best in the lot, I simply love it Angel for the Color (b) for the pigmentation (c) for the true red it is. This one is the most pigmented of the three shades, shows up well on pigmented lips. The shade can be used a lip filler when you want to multitask. Just slip this into your wallet and you are ready to  stun with that red pout.


Oriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liner:Real Red


Staying Power
The Staying Power is great, as they say “People may come and go, but Life goes on forever”. I quoted this as this lip liner too goes on forever, even after your lipstick has faded away. In my head, this is the best quality about a lip liner. Hence these are true winners in my eyes.


The Texture is butter smooth but after the 1st use. On first use you these feel a little stretchy, after which easily glides on the lips and on the lines. Each of the lip liners are smooth and easy to apply.


Oriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liners Price in India


Thumbs up for:


  1. Retractable design is easy and saves product wastage when compared to sharpenable ones.
  2. The staying power is the best quality about these darlings.
  3. The texture is smooth and soft.
  4. The color coded packaging makes life easy.
  5. The color range is wide.
  6. Is versatile as a lip liner as well as filler.
  7. The red shade is my favorite.


Thumbs down for:


  1. Packaging is fragile, with a hard pull the rim seems lose.
  2. Needs a lip balm when used for filling in the lips.
  3. Tip might break when applied in hurry.
  4. Available only through an Oriflame representative.


Oriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liners Swatches & Review


Recommendation: YES!
NoM Report Card: 4/5


Final Verdict

These cute lip liners are great comfort to line the lips in terms of color coded packaging which is a blessing when i am in a huryy. Colorpay off is decent and pricing is affordable. You can totally give these a try.

Which one was your favorite shade? Let me know in the comments below.

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Until I see you next time, never let anything dull your Spark.




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