Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer : Review, Swatches & Price

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I have discussed in length about foundation, lipsticks, eye makeup , skincare products on the blog. Its about time I discuss about the most important aspect for flawless makeup look - The Concealer. I am not perfect and have flaws, such as dark circles for which I need to hide it perfectly. This also forms an integral part of any party/festive/wedding makeup look.  I will review the Mayeblline Dream Lumi touch highlighting concealer in the shade Honey. I have dark circles and darkness around the mouth, lets see whether this one serves my needs.

Product Description

Designed to provide a flawless, luminous complexion, this concealer stick illuminates the skin as it conceals.

Here is why you’ll love it:

  • Has a special gel-based formula that diffuses light to provide on the spot perfection
  • Instantly covers up dark under-eye circles, redness, blemishes and imperfections
  • Gives your face a luminous glow
  • Dermatologist, allergy tested for maximum safety
  • Non-comedogenic to prevent blocking of pores
  • Ideal for all skins, including sensitive skin

Available in 3 shades - Honey, Buff, Ivory

Price Rs. 600

Quantity: 1.5 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years

Available online at Amazon, Nykaa.

Maybelline Concealer Review

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

Best Drugstore Concealer : Maybelline Highlighting Concealer

See it through my Eyes

I hate the dark circles which stage as an obstruction in my attempt to acheive the "Flawless Look". the best way to combat this obstacle is through a concealer. i have been using this Maybelline Concealer since ages now, its about time i discuss about it here.


This comes sealed in a paper package similar to that of kohls. The ingredients list and all other information are mentioned on the outer pack only. It is not any regular tube, bullet or pan concealer but in form of a pen. The pen tip has brush attached through which the product pozzes out slowly. There is a twist mechanism at the base, the more you twist the liquid oozes out from the brush tip.  It can either be directly applied onto the desired areas or can be taken on the finger and applied. All depends on the preference, when I am in hurry I use the pen directly on the skin. When I am sorted and go slow, I prefer the finger tips as it is more hygienic. The brush can collect a lot of germs if not sanitized. And come on lets face reality, some of us don’t sanitize, some forget, some are lazy as I am Nea When the pimples peeps through the cheeks all sort of panic attacks are witnessed by the family members Mosking  


It is a thick foundation like liquid. The texture is smooth and soft; it blends but with little effort as it is thick and kind of sticks to the skin. I like it thick, as this gives more coverage. the finish can crease after a while if not set with powder. Due to its rich and thick texture it tends to get oily after a while in summers since I have combination skin. in winters, I dont face such an issue. The minute shimmer formaula helps to give a soft glowing bright look to the skin. The highlight automatically gives an illusion of brighter looking skin. This is the biggest USP of this product.


I did not expect any miracle form this concealer, though from my favorite drugstore brand. The thick liquid is the reason behind a decent coverage.  My not so heavy dark circles are easily covered in just one pump. The blending has to be done carefully using a finger tip or a concelaer brush. By the way I got hold of an excellent concealer brush which is a multi tasker. Will update you about that soon.  I am pleasantly surprised with the kind of coverage it gives. It is buildable, but I don’t need to do that as it sufficiently covers my blemishes.

Staying Power

The concealer once applied must be set with powder to avoid creasing. The staying power is decent enough for about 6 hours post application in summers and in winters it is much longer to about 8 hours. It doesnt get patchy, streaky or cakey at all.

Maybelline Concealer : Honey

Affordable Concealer in India

Maybelline Dream Lumi touch Concealer Review, Swatches & Price in India

Msyeblline Concealer EOTD

What I like about Mayeblline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

  • The pen style convenient packaging is easy to carry
  • The brush is precise reaches difficult areas of the face
  • The medium to buildable coverage
  • The thick consistency gives more coverage
  • Easily available across stores and online
  • A good highlight with concealing feature is quite unique.

What I don’t like about Mayeblline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

  • The brush tip if not cleaned after each use can make things messy
  • Bacterial contact on the skin, sice its a brush applicator
  • Creases if not set with powder
  • Limited shade variety
  • The printing on the package erases very easily.
  • Less quantity

Recommendation: Yes

NoM Report Card: 4/5

Final Verdict

This is a drugstore brand which is readily available. Gives good coverage, stays for long and in a pen form which makes it very handy. All in all this is a great option for easy concealing.

Which is your favorite concealer?

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