Hello Nombies

Hello everyone, I thank each one of you to stop by this space. Welcome to Not only makeup blog. His is the introductory post about my blog.

My Story:

I would like to share my story of why and how I started this blog.

I strongly believe, to be happy and content with any task or job you do, the first thing required is willingness or interest without which easiest of things can become difficult to do. I was always interested to doll up, to do makeup, and try out different stuff. My mother used to be angry on me, wasting so much money on fashion and makeup. Little did I know that my interest will soon develop into passion, I started enjoying myself more and came up with an idea to start something of my own, my experience, my mistakes and the eventual learning. Let me tell you I am no makeup expert or a makeup artist. I am an ordinary woman, sharing her love and interest on feminist topics with my readers here.

I will be sharing Product reviews, Outfit posts, my creations and much more. Please visit this space more often to have some discussion, a little gossip and loads of fun.

I welcome you all to the Not only Makeup (NoM) world my NoMBies.



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