Forever 21 Makeup Sponge : Review & Price

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After the festive season I feel a little dull and low and hence am not well these days. But there are some things which cheer me up. Like the one I want to talk about today. The Forever 21 Love & Beauty Makeup Sponge. I was dying to try my hands on this since long. But this wasnt avaible in my city. Then my best friend came as a great help like always and he sent accross this little bundle of joy from Mumbai SmileSmile

Product Description

This Love & Beauty makeup sponge features a contoured shape to ensure an easy grip.

Length of sponge: 2.5”

Price: Rs. 239/-  can you beat that Wink

Availble accross F21 stores

Forever 21 Makeup Sponge

Makeup Sponge for Even Makeup Finish

See it through my eyes


This comes in a transparent plastic case. The sponge is held in a plastic tray inside the box. All the details of price and use are mentioned on the outer box. The sponge is quite handy and fits in the palm easily. The feel is soft but rubber like when dry. On wetting it becomes plump and soft and almost doubles its size. The shape is unique and one of its kind. It looks like egg shaped. Its pointed at the tip for the concealer and countering.  Curved inwards in the waist and bulged out towards the end. The middle part makes the hold convenient while the base is bulged out which gives enough room to work with the face.


When the sponge is dry it gives amazing finish. But yes you guessed it right, it drinks the product like a thirsty lady on karwa chauth Blum 3 very bad joke. When used wet and water squeezed out it gives a fairly good finish too. Eats lesser product, but sheer finish. So when I want sheer finish I use it wet, when I want good coverage I use it dry.

One thing I have noticed after using a sponge, I dont feel like using the makeup brushes anymore. They feel so tiring and difficult to work with when compared to a sponge. It provides so much control and coverage. Plus it provides even looking complexion. I have also started using the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge ( Review HERE), will review that soon too Wink

How I use it

I dot the foundation/bb cream all over the face. Take the sponge and buff around on the entire facd and neck. I either pat it/ dab it and then work my way through the face or the very well known stippling motion to give an even coverage. I use it both wet and dry depending on my mood and time. When I
have loads of time I do it dry. When I am in hurry I wet it, squeeze the excess and work my way through it.

I prefer washing the sponge with mild shampoo after every use, I hate to see it stained like it becomes after every use.

Beauty Blender Dupe

The Egg Shaped Beauty Blender Dupe

The Broad Base for the Entire Face

What I like about Forever 21 Love & Beauty Makeup Sponge

  • The bright yellow color.
  • The Super affordable price.
  • Gives even finish.
  • Available in different shapes and colors.
  • The pointed tips helps to reach difficult parts such as around the eyes, near the hair line, nose corners.
  • The handy size.
  • Great option for beginners.

What I don’t like about Forever 21 Love & Beauty Makeup Sponge

  • Major con is the availability. Only availble in F21 stores.
  • The staining is a nightmare.

Recommendation: Yes

NoM Report Card: 3.5/5

Final Verdict

If you are heading to buy your first makeup sponge, buy this without a doubt.  This will help you practice and get a hold of it. If you want an extra sponge for your travel or hand bag – get this. It is the most affordable beauty blender dupe available in India. 

Have you used this makeup sponge? Which one is your favorite makeup sponge?

 Untill I see you next time, never let anything dull your spark.

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