Faces Canada Long Wear Eye Pencil- Solid Black Review Swatches & Price in India

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When it comes to everyday makeup, one thing we Indian women cant do about is a Kajal . Yes its an eternal part of daily or party makeup. No matter how many kajals we use, search is never ending until we find “The One Kajal that works” for us. Today I will speak about my recent discovery of one such kajal which has become my Holy Grail kajal. Read on to find more.Presenting the Faces Long wear eye pencil in the shade Solid Black.

Product Description: Change your color, transform your look. Get an intense, high shine finish with this amazing eye pencil. Available in colors that will add an unforgettable hue to your look. Remember to use with Faces dual eye pencil sharpener, for best results.

Faces Canada Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black: Price in India

Price: Rs. 449
Quantity: 1.2 gm
Shelf Life: 2  ½ years/ 30 months
Ingredients: Not mentioned on the pack.

Available in Shades:

  • Teal
  • Forest Green
  • Purple
  • Solid Black
  • Dark Sparkles
  • Metal Brown
  • Navy Blue
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Grey
  • Aqua Blue

Available online on  Amazon.in and Purplle.com

Face Canada Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black

See it Through my Eyes

Lets start with a little discovery story behind this kajal. I was enjoying a friends birthday day out which eventually turned into a whole day out. I had  a great time, but I also noticed something during the day which amazed me to the zits. My friend’s eyes, no I don’t gaze at eyes generally, but the kajal and its quality surprised me. In the evening I asked her, as to which kajal she is wearing. Needless to say, I probed her well and this had easily made it to my wishlist Blum 3
The next day I hit the stores and bought it and rest is history.

This kajal comes in a sharpenable  pencil form. The packaging is not very impressive, but that’s all right. I wish it was in a retractable form, I don’t like product wastage on sharpening. But on the other side, we all know retractable ones are very less in quantity. So for this I am not really complaining Blum 3 it doesn’t have any fragrance, and I like that. My eyes are a bit sensiive; it itches a little when I apply it, but fade off in a few minutes.

Best Pigmented Kajal:Faces Canada Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black

The texture is smoothest of all the kajals I have used so far. Trust me its buttery soft yet smudge proof and thats what I call a million dollar combo. It doesn’t tug on to the eyes , applies like  a dream , yet stays for long.The application is oh sooooooooo smooth as if you are rubbing butter on a hot pan. Oops! I got a little carried away. No literally its very smooth. You have to apply it to believe it. The first feel good factor about the product.

The pigmentation, oh don’t ask. This one is by far the most pigmented kajal I have ever used. Black means black for this one, and its true to its name of “Solid Black”. If applied in one smooth stroke, one stroke is enough to get the desired color. Feel good factor number two.

Faces Canada Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black

Staying Power
The staying power, now I am not kiddig you, if I say it excels in this category too. I applied one single stoke at 10 AM and it was right there till 6pm without budging. Yes you read it right. Long long staying power. Feel good factor number three.

Smudge Test
One more thing great about this kajal, which I cant miss out to tell you is its smudge proof formula. It hardly smudges, until you are out in the sun where everything melts away. This one remains as it is for hours and I can’t be happier for the fourth feel good factor. Being a working lady, I am always on a hunt of long staying makeup which keeps me carefree during my meetings and presentations.


What I like in Faces Canada Log Wear Eye pencil in Solid Black

  1. The supreme pigmentation,blackest of black.
  2. The smudge proof formula, it remains on your eys untill you use an oil based makeup remover.
  3. The long staying power.
  4. Perfect for tight lining the upper inner lashline.
  5. Beautiful kohl to line the waterline for smokey eye intense look.
  6. The gliding and smooth application makes this a cake walk.
  7. The availability is wide.

What I don’t like in Faces Canada Log Wear Eye pencil in Solid Black

  1. I wish it was retractable with the same quantity.
  2. Such an intense and smudge proof formula that its difficult to completely remove it from the eyes.
  3. For a kajal, this comes relatively costly.
  4. Packaging could have been better and attractive.

Face Canada Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black Swatches & EOTDan


In a Nutshell

Pigmentation : Blackest kajal in the market
Staying power: Upto 8 hours on me
Texture: Super duper smooth
Does it smudge: Not at all
Application: Very smooth

Final Verdict

I recommend this to one and all. It’s a must buy if you love to wear kajals. It’s great for everyday and party wear. It has made me skip my gel eye liner, what more can I say. It’s a jet black, super long staying and super smooth kohl. I will repurchase this all my life.

NoM Report Card: 4.9/5

So don’t wait and let those eyes do the talking.

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