Easy Nailart at Home- Volume 4

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

" I d'ont like Plain Nails, I get Sad"

This quote matches me to the core. No matter what ever nail paint I wear, I like to add some jazz to it. On lazy days, you will see some glitter here and there. On other days when I want to indulge, you see such tutorials. That doesnt mean I change my nail color everyday. I like to keep it for a week, embrace it get compliments and then change it.

Today is the day to learn yet another easy peasy nail art with me. So let’s begin without wasting any time.

Things Required:

  • Top coat
  • Basecoat
  • A pale base color. I have chosen a baby pink shade.
  • Two bright contrasting shades. I have chose blue and pink.
  • A Toothpick



Step 1

Apply clear base coat to even out the application of the nail color. This step might look useless, but I highly recommend it. It not only protects the nails, but also ensures smooth application of nail color.

Easy Nailart at Home

Step 2

Apply the pale base to help the bright colors in the next step pop out. I have used Maybelline color Show Cotton Candy. You can use any pink nude, or any other nude shade. Even white is a good option.


Indian Fashion Blog: Easy Nailart Tutorial


Indian Beauty Blog: DIY Nailart Design

Step 3

Apply a blue color in a semi circle form like shown in the picture. Next apply the pink shade maintaining a distance from the blue color like shown in the picture. The two colors you use are the star of the show, which will create the beautiful pattern on the nail. Paint the two colors a little away from one another, to let the base color show as well.

How to do Nailart at Home

Step 4

Without letting the nail paint dry out, grab your toothpick and create vertical semi circle across the blue and pink roundish stripes you have just created  ( like shown in the picture). You will create beautiful butterfly wings kind of pattern with this. It looks stunning to me.

Step by Step Nailart at Home

Step 5

Now let the nails dry and top it with a top coat to seal the design and make them shine and last long.

 Nailart Tutorial for Beginners

Quick Tips:

  • You can always alter the colors used in this design. But always keep two contrasting shades to bring out the butterfly pattern.
  • Always maintain a gap when creating the two bright colored semi circles on the diagonal edge of the nail. This will make the butterfly pattern look prettier.
  • Do one nail at a time, to avoid any mess.
  • Use the toothpick with a light hand and create the desgin with just the tips to make the stripes crisp and sharp.

Hope you liked this design too like my previous three designs in Volume I, Volume II, and Volume III

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Until I see you soon, Keep Calm and Paint yur nails.




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