Easy Nailart at Home - Volume 3

Hello my sugar cups!
After seeing the previous two nail art posts, you must be sure that how much I love nail art. Like the previous designs this one is also designed keeping in my mind the beginner’s hand and the hardship they might face. This design is perfect for those parties and date nights, excited? I am excited to share this one too. So lets bring the artist within you.

Things you need-

  • Top Coat
  • Base Coat
  • Red nail paint, I have used a sparkle version of red.
  • A Shimmer gold nail paint. (Maybelline Glitter Mania- Gold)
  • A black nail paint. (Maybelline Colorshow)
  • A toothpick

Easy Nail Art at Home

Step 1
As usual the first step is to always protect your natural nail with a transparent base coat. It not only protects the nail, but also ensures smooth application. Moreover, we will be using glitter nail paints in this post. The base coat will be act as a savior when you remove the stubborn glitter nail paint, with a nail paint remover.

Step by Step Nail Art Tutorial

Step 2
Paint your middle finger and thumb with the red shimmer nail paint.

Step 3
Paint rest of the three fingers with the gold shimmer nail paint. You can use any other color if you wish to, matching with your outfit.

Do it Yourself: Nail Art Design

Step 4
Taking the same nail paint in step 2, make small random dots all over the gold painted nails. Like shown in the picture. Let it dry well.

Step 5
Now grab your toothpick and the black nail paint. Dip the toothpick in the black polish and mark borders or to make it simpler, create brackets on the borders of those red dots. This will give a leopard print look. Not only will those gold nails become glamorous with the red and black detail, you are ready to sizzle in the party with that eye catching deign.

Easy Nail art Series: Volume 3

Step 6
This is a very crucial step. Let the design and detailing dry completely for at least 15 minutes. And then apply the top coat. Most of the times, the black borders smear when top coat is applied. To avoid this mess, be a little patient with the top coat.

Quick Tips

  • You can create this look with any colors of your choice, remember the border or brackets should be black to get that oomph factor.
  • When you create the brackets, create them the way you want to. Be random. That’s the beauty of this design.
  • Remember to keep the highlighting shade (the dots) bright, to show well.
  • The base colors on the three fingers should be light enough to make the bright dots pop up.

So here we are with this fun easy and party nail art tutorial. I have tried my best to keep the designs simple and worth a try. Do let me know if you recreate this look. It’s a great boost to show you more and more such designs.

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Untill I see you next time, never let anything dull your spark.



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