Easy Nailart at Home Tutorial- Volume 2

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I know for a fact, nail art grabs a lot of attention wherever you go, only because it is an art and not everyone is a pro at it. So I am here to let your inhibitions off and begin with some fun on your nails. In my previous nail art post  you have seen a simple yet pretty nail art .Today I will present the 2nd nail art design from the five-volume easy nail art at home series. This one is really simple too. So without much delay let us get started.

Indian Fashion Blog: Easy Nail Art at Home

Things you need-

  • Top coat
  • Base coat
  • Two nail paints in contrasting colors ( I am using a bright pink and a gold shade)
  • A toothpick

Indian Makeup Blog: Easy Nail Art Tutorial


Step 1
Paint your nails with a transparent base coat to protect your natural nail color and smooth nail paint application.

Do it Yourself: Nail Art Design

Step 2
Choose one of the two colors (Here, pink) and apply on one side of the nail vertically.  For example, I have applied pink first on my middle finger as you can see in the picture above. i will paint the other half in the next step with gold color. But again we need to do one nail at one time, as we will finish the design per nail at once.

Nail Art for Beginners at Home

Step 3
Take the other color (golden)  and paint the other half of the nail. Without letting both the colors dry. Follow the next step.

Step by Step Nail Art Tutorial

Step 4
Grab your toothpick, start with the middle of your nail like shown in the picture and make a swirl outward till you cover the entire nail. Refer pictures for easy understanding.

Step 5
Let the nails dry after designing and apply a smooth layer of top coat.Let the nails dry and adore the lovely creation you just made.

Nail Art at Home

Quick tips

  • You can always switch the colors as per your liking and preference.
  • Use one light shade and one bright shade to bring the swirl beautifully.
  • You can even try glitter nail paint on one side of the nail to make it more dramatic.
  • In case you don’t like glitter nail paints try the luminous/metallic ones like gold or silver.
  • Let the nails dry completely before you apply the top coat, we don’t want the swirl effect to fade away.

So these were the simple and easy steps to follow and get those oh! so cute nails. Get those compliments and let me know and I will be really glad. Will be presenting the 3rd nail art design shortly.

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