Easy Nailart at Home Tutorial- Volume 1

Hello Nombies! Starting from today I will showcase you all my passion for Nailart. I have always loved learning and trying new nail art designs. Therefore, I wanted to share this passion with my readers too. This is the beginning of a five-volume series of easy nail art tutorial at home with the use of just a toothpick/bobby pin. Yes, you heard me right, just a toothpick is enough to begin with the some awesome nail art designs for beginners and ofcourse your nail paints too.So lets get started.

Indian Fashion Blog: Easy Nailart

Materials Required:

  1. Base Coat
  2. Nail Paints of four different colors. A light one for the base (white/cream/baby pink) two or three bright and contrasting shades to bring in the pop of color.
  3. Toothpick
  4. Top Coat

Primary Step

Apply base coat on all the nails because we want the nail paint to apply smoothly and last long.

Notonlymakeup Blog:Easy Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1

Apply the base shade evenly, I am using Constant Candy from Maybelline Colorshow range. Let it dry.

Indian Makeup Blog: Easy Nailart Tutorial

Step 2

Now apply two bright contrasting shades on the tip of the nail in any form you like. Apply one color 1st and give some space for the other color, like shown in the pictures. I have used Mint Mojito (Maybelline Color Show Nail Paints) & Turquoise Lagoon (Maybelline Express Finish) on the little finger and thumb i have used Hooked on Pink  (Maybelline Color Show) mixed with Turquoise Lagoon (Maybelline Express Finish).

How to do Nailart at Home

Step 3

Now before the colored tip dries, quickly grab the toothpick and create small waves on the colored tip of the nail. Remember not to go overboard, make 3 to 4 waves at the max.

Step by Step Nailart at Home

Step 4

Seal the design with a clear top coat. I have used Sally Hansen clear top coat, which i got in my Fab Bag. 

DIY: Nailart at Home

*Quick Tips:

  • After you paint your nails with the base color. Do the Step 2 on one finger at a time. You need to be quick with step 2 and 3 as the nail pait should not dry before creating the waves.
  • Keep the bright shades nail paint cap loose. We have to be quick with this step.
  • Start this nail art with fans turned off and in case you feel hot, take help of Mr. AC.
  • Dont apply thick coats of bright nail paints, the waves will turn messy.

 *Secret Tip

The base cot and Top coat can be the same product. I have always used it and got good results.

Hope you all enjoyed the Volume-1 of the nailart series. More coming soon. Do try the shades and show me on my social media (Twitter, Facebook ,Instagram, Google Plus) with hashtag notolymakeupblog (#notonlymakeupblog)

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Untill i see you next time, never let anything dull your spark.




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