Easy Nail Art at Home - Volume 5

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Am all pumped up for the Navaratri and Durga Puja. How about you all? I am sure all answers are Ditto. Today I will post about the last nail art tutorial in the Easy Nail Art with a Toothpick. I have already shared 4 different ideas, in the post one, two, three and four. Do try these designs at home for the festive season to bring out that extra zing in your look.

Things you need -
Like always this list is simple too.

  • A base coat.
  • A top Coat.
  • Different bright color nail paints.
  • Glitter Nail Paint.
  • Toothpick.


Step 1
Paint your nails with a base coat to protect your natural nail color and to make the nail paint last longer.

Step 2
For this colorful look, you should ideally paint your nails with a bright base color. I have chosen yellow. You can choose any neon shade, if you wanna experiment.

Nail Art for Beginers at Home

Step 3
Take random shades contrasting to the base color. I have taken, green, orange, red, white. All these shades are complete contrast to the base color Yellow.

Step by Step Nail Art Tutorial

Easy Colorful Nail Art Design

Do it Yourself : Nail Art

Step 4
Now grab that toothpick dip the tip into a color and start making random vertical stripes /per color starting from the base of the nail. The stripe will end midway or 3/4th to the entire nail length. You have to be random with the stripes; we are not trying to make them equal. The random, the better. We are aiming to make 5 to 6 different color stripes on each nail. This means, one stripe per color on every nail.

Indian Beauty Blog : Nail Art Tutorial

Colorful Nail Art Design

Step 5
Let the colors dry and paint the nails with a transparent top coat to seal the design and keep it long lasting.

Quick Tips

  1. For the base color, you could also choose a white base coat, to bring out the pop of colors. You can add a different base color to any one nail, to make it more fun.
  2. Since we are using different colors in this tutorial, have to work smart. Take one color at a time, dip it the bottle and make one stripe on every nail.
  3. You have two options, either to make the colors in a uniform pattern of red, green, white, orange same order on every nail or just be random like I have chosen in this design, stripes in no particular order.

Hope you found it easy enough to attempt it. I will be back with another nail art tutorial soon Smile

Did you check out all the design of the 5 easy nail art deigns? Which one is your favorite?

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Untill I see you next time, never let anything dull your spark.





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