Colorbar Ready to Wink Perfect Eye Makeup Kit Review & Price

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When it comes to eye makeup I am a hoarder of Eye shadows, Kajals, Liners of all types possible. The correct eye makeup cannot be achieved without a good set of eye makeup brushes. Now there are so many different types of eye brushes in the market angular , tapered, the shader brush, eyeliner brush, spoolie and what not. Buying all types is sometimes not feasible or important. We need some basic eye brushes to achieve the right look. Today I present to you, the Colorbar Ready to Wink Perfect Eye Makeup Kit.

Product Description

Transform into smoldering temptress with the mysterious allure of different eye looks! Create from perfect everyday looks to dramatic smoky looks. The soft and tightly packed fibers of the eye brushes distribute and blend pigment precisely in no time. The set of three eye brush kit helps in organized storage and is easy to carry.

  • Eyelluring Eyeshadow Brush
  • Angled Angel Eye Defining Brush
  • Smokin' Eyes Smudger Brush

Price: Rs. 550
Available online on Nykaa

Colorbar Ready to Wink Perfect Eye Makeup Kit

Colorbar Ready to Wink Perfect Eye Makeup Kit Review

Colorbar Ready to Wink Perfect Eye Makeup Brushes

See it through my Eyes
The Colorbar brushes are quite famous for the performance and quality. I wanted to pick up a few, but they are little expensive. I wanted to try the eye makeup brushes first, so when I visited the Colorbar counter I checked out a few brushes. I quite liked the look and quality at one glance, but was litttle confused on which brushes to pick up, then the sales person showed me this set and it was an instant yes for me since its a great bargain for a set of three brushes. I have been using these brushes regulary for all my eye makeup looks, I absolutely love these. Lets find out why?

These cute beauties are packed in a dual front transparent plastic pouch cover. The pouch is zip locked and is travel friendly and hygienic. The three brushes are set on a plastic holder designed and shaped for each particular brush. Each brush has a different diameter; hence they fit in the exact holder. The brush pack has all the details about the brushes and there uses. The prices and other information are also mentioned. Each brush body is white and black and the brand name is printed at the foot of the brush. The brushes bristle is sported in bright colors to make the whole look quite appealing. The brush bristles are supremely soft and skin friendly.

Colorbar Eye Makeup Brushes

Best Affordable Eye Makeup Brushes

Eye Shadow Brush
This is the primary brush required for application of the base color and filling in the eyelids. The beauty of these brushes is the tightly packed bristles, which collect the right amount of powder/product to deliver on the eyelids. The small size of the brush tip also helps to control the amount of color, as many a times the tendency to overdo is common. Also due to the short bristles, applying eye shadow on the lower lash line is a breeze. It is flat and dome shaped at the same time. The roundish edges fit in the sockets of the eyes perfectly, to do that wind shield motion or to and fro motion. It also helps in placing the right amount of color on my small eyes. I love this brush and prefer it over my Real Techniques brushes. It has multiple uses; it not only places the eye shadow on the eye lids, but also bends it well.

Colorbar Eyelluring Eye Shadow Brush
Angled Angle Eye Defining Brush
The primary use of this brush is to fill the eye brows. The angled shape and straight tip helps to apply eye liner quite well. The good news is, the winged eye liner is your best friend now, with this brush. I apply gel eye liner with it and love the way the slanted portion fits in the inner corner of the eye, which is quite a difficult area to reach.

Angled Angle Eye Defining Brush
Smokin' Eye Smudger Brush
The smudger brush is multi-purpose too. It is the best possible brush to blend the kajal you are wearing. I love using it in the inner corner of my eyes, for letting the eye makeup pop up. The small round tip is easy to fit in the inner corners and give the desired highlight to the eyes.

Smokin' Eye Smudger Brush

What I Like about Colorbar Ready to Wink Perfect Eye Makeup Kit

  • The attractive and colorful look.
  • The outer packaging is great to keep them stored well free from germs, being zip lock system.
  • The affordable pricing.
  • This kit is great for travel.
  • Each brush is brilliant in its use.
  • Brushes are extremely soft and blendable.
  • Availability  is no issue, online and in counters.
  • Does not shed even after multiple washes.
  • Good as new when washed several times.
  • Very useful for small eyes like mine.
  • Best possible kit for beginners.
  • Cruelty free brushes

What I don’t Like about Colorbar Ready to Wink Perfect Eye Makeup Kit

  • None that I can think of.

Recommendation : Yes
NoM Report Card : 5/5

Final Verdict

These brushes are great to travel with for getting your eyes all party ready. It is a complete set. The pricing is affordable and quality is supreme. It’s a must buy for eye makeup freaks, specially if you are a beginner.

Have you tried the Colorbar Brushes?  Which one is your favorite?

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