Classic Black Smokey Eye Tutorial for Beginners

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Today I will show you all an eye makeup tutorial. It’s the much raved about “The  Smokey Eyes”. If you are a beginner or maiden in the makeup world let me tell you the meaning, the smokey eyes is giving your eyes an intense, smokey and dark look with the help of right makeup. It not only changes the look of the face, but also brings out your glamorous side for those parties and night outs. Smokey eye makeup can be of varied colors, ranging from Black, Brown, mattes and metallics.
Today I will be showing a beginner’s classic black smokey eye look. So without much delay let us begin.

Classic Black Smokey Eye Tutorial


Things you need:


  • An eye primer, to keep those smokey eyes smudge proof ( you don’t want to look like a white panda, with racoon eyes right?) in case you don’t have one, use a bb or cc cream. I will be using Lakme cc cream which is way too chalky on my face, so using it to hide the dark circles and prime the eyes.
  • To form the base color you need an intense black kajal/kohl which smudges easily (yes it’s time to use those painfully smudging kajals to good use). I am using soultree kajal which I got in my fab bag.
  • A black & brown eye shadow to set the kajal beneath. (Preferably matte) I am using Zoeva Palliate, shade is called “Timeless Chic”.
  • Good smudge proof kohl. I am using Faces eye pencil (review coming soon)
  • Eyebrow filler, to fill up the eyebrow gaps. Remember, eyebrows can either make or break the look, its very important to shape and fill them, especially with the smokey eye look. I am using, brown gel liner by Coloressence.
  • A good mascara, which adds length and volume to your eyes. I have used Maybelline Falsies.
  • A few set of brushes for applying eyeshadow, blending and smudging. I am using the Real Techniques Starter Kit.


Smokey Eye Makeup Look


Now that we know, what all we need. Let me explain you the steps with pictures.

Primary note- I suggest to first complete the eye makeup and then prep up the face, as the eye makeup fall outs on the cheek can spoil the face base makeup.


Step 1
First prime your eyes well, using your fingers or brush. I prefer doing it softly with my fingers. Use concealer if you have dark circles. It's totally an individual choice to conceal before or after foundation on the face.


Step 2
Apply the black kohl generously starting from near the upper lashline till the crease line. Now we need to smudge the kohl softly, with a brush.


Smokey Eyes Step-wise Tutorial


Step 3
Take matte black eyeshadow on your eye shadow brush, and pat it lightly and generously on the entire kohl base. This helps to lock the powder shadow giving it an intense look due to dark kohl base.

Step 4
Take matte brown eye shadow and start applying beyond the crease till the brow bone. Don’t be too intense near the brows. We have to be lightest near the brow bone, and work our dark towards the crease. Now blend the brown eye shadow into the black near the crease area, use a blending brush. Blend! Blend! Blend! That’s the key to smokey eyes.

Easy Step by Step Smokey Eye


Step 5
Apply an intense long staying black kohl on the waterline. Give it a nice smudge, with a smudge brush. If you don’t have a smudge brush, use a q-tip. Also apply liner on the upper lash line. 

Step 6
Now fill in the brows, with an angular brush. Remember, not to go overboard. We don’t want to end up looking ghastly with those artificial looking brows.

Step 7
The most important step is the mascara. Apply it well. You can apply false eyelashes too.

That’s it. Smokey eyes, Lights, Camera and Selfieaction Blum 3 Here I go *click click*


Easy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial


Quick Tips:

  • If you wish, you can make the look more dramatic by making a winged liner look.
  • If you don’t have a blending brush, use your fingers in light motions or a q-tip or your eye shadow brush.
  • Always wear a neutral or light color lipstick, you want the eyes to be the star of the show and not go too much with intense eyes and bold lips together.
  • Its not a hard and fast rule, to work with these exact list of makeup i used. go ahead and use what you have, any brand, any neutral pallete. u can do this with the Makeup Revolution Palletes or MUA Palletes too. Brushes can be from Vega, Ecotools,Basic Case and other affordable brands. let me know any dupes you want to know, or any other suggestions you want, will be happy to help.



Beginner's Easy Smokey Eye Tutorial


So here we are, enjoy the pictures and try and recreate this easy look and show me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google plus by tagging me or hash tagging notonlymakeup #notonlymakeup .

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Until I see you next time, never let anything dull your spark.



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