Christmas Nail Art Tutorial

Hello Girlies,

How excited are you for the Christmas? I am excited for it is a day to relax and party hard Preved . I havent yet decided on my outfit, though the nails are ready. I present you a Nail Art Tutorial for this Christmas.

I have tried to keep it simple with no tools whatsoever. So, lets get started.

Christmas Nail Art

Things you need - 
Like always this list is simple too.

  • A base coat.
  • A top Coat.
  • White Nail Paint
  • Red Nail Paint (preferably glitter texture)
  • Green Nail Paint (preferably glitter texture)
  • Golden/Glitter Nail Paint.
  • Toothpick.

Step 1
Paint your nails with a base coat to protect your natural nail color and to make the nail paint last longer.

Step by Step Nail Art Tutorial

Step 2

Paint your index finger and ring finger with white nail paint and the other three fingers with golden nail paint.  You can add glitter to these gold nail paints, like I did.

Step 3

Starting the art with the index finger, I took the red glitter nail polish and starting from the base of the nail made two oblique/slanted stripes. The stripes have to be a little away from one another so that the white base is visible in between the stripes. Check the picture for reference.

Nail Art at Home

Nail Art Idea for Christmas

Step 4

Next comes the other white nail, the ring finger. I have randomply put red and gold dots all over the nail.

Step 5

Now comes the christmas tree. Its damn simple, all you have to do is make three green color horizontal stripes across the breadth of the nail in a triangle form. Refer the picture for better idea. Since the tree is ready, got to decorate it. Just add red glitter dots to jazz it up.

Easy Nail Art Design

Red & Green Nail Art

DIY Nail Art for Christmas

Glitter Nail Art

Step 6

The thumb and little finger will be given a striped look with the theme Christmas colors in Red and Green. Simple, start with the base corner of the nail and etch out a slanted stripe of red/green color, follwed by the other color green/red. Leave a little space after drawing red and green stripes for the gold base to show and again create double stripes.

Step 7

Let all the nails dry. Now paint a layer of top coat to seal the deal Good

Nail Colors Used for Christmas Nail Art

Quick Tips-

  • You can use any colors of your choice. You can select silver, pink etc.
  • To make the stripes, I have used the brush applicator itself, you can also use toothpick or dotting tool.
  • For the dots again I have used the brush with very light hands, you can use toothpicks to be precise.
  • Let all the base colors dry, before you start to design the look. We dont want a mess right.
  • I prefer glitter red and green shades. I did not have glitter green hence used the plain one.

Thats it folks. We are done. Let me know how you like the design.

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Untill I see you next time, never let anything dull your spark.




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